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Discover One Simple Trick to Intelligent Investing ...
Discover One Simple Trick to Intelligent Investing ...
"Where Attention Flows, Results Follow"
Don't you owe it to yourself to give your investments some personal attention?
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LIVE  Active Day Trader
Join our head trader, Sasi Kumar (SKumar) as he masterfully dances with the markets -- identifying entries, exits, and profitable set-ups. Learn why this engineer turned day-trader was kicked out of a competitor's trade room.
Corporate Earnings Alerts
Rainmaker Founders Sasi Kumar, Mathew, and Dr.  NK Options  teach you everything you need to masterfully trade the markets. Covering market fundamentals, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, back-testing, proprietary setups, trade entry/exit, and trade defense. 
Swing Trade Alerts for 9-5’ers
Swing Trade Alerts are ideal if you are working a 9-5 jobs and can't watch the market all day. We send alerts directly to your phone or desktop so you can stay abreast of all the Rainmaker moves.
Rainmaker Proprietary Indicators
What Our Members are Saying
  "Months of watching you talking about fib extentions and 55 ema and I am still amazed how stocks react to those targets"
"I’m a full time working physician and cannot follow the chat room closely – based on text messages alone, have profit of $3700 in less than 2 weeks (5 winners/2 losers)"
"Thank you for sharing your site. I look forward to learning more from you and I am surely grateful to have you as part of my trading day."

  "Was following 2 other gurus this week as a trial and as usual the only place I made any money was with Rainmakers.You think I would learn by now!!”
Who would have though that the Rainmaker trading strategy could get any better but SK, NK and Mathew have turned it up a notch — in fact, a BIG notch! We are now trading with the Peak2Peak indicator. If you have ever doubted where to enter a trade or where to exit a trade, or if your fib extensions are drawn correctly, or if you are working with the best EMAs, look no more.  Peak2Peak eliminates all of the guess work in an extremely simple format. From scalping to longer term trades,the accuracy is simply amazing. 
"After the first 4 days of my trial, I have $1000 in realized profits (TSLA IC), and another $2500 in unrealized gains (PANW, PCLN, PGR). Obviously quite impressed so far. (next day) Since I closed the PCLN CDS today for a $2800 profit I now have realized a profit of $3800 in 5 days of trading!"
- B

SKumar - Options Maestro/Dir. of Trade Strategy
Self-taught professional trader with 20 years of experience, SKumar "SK" who has a passion for teaching students of all skill levels how to become successful investors. He repeatedly demonstrates a unique ability to find profitable trade opportunities, identify well-timed entries, high probability profit targets, and most importantly...masterfully defend trades. 
Rainmaker Events & Webinars
2016 Educational Webinars
Peek-to-Peak Indicator Tips & Tricks
Dates: June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd
Time: 4pm PST/8pm EST
Duration: 1-1:30hrs
**Completed** Watch for Next Series 
Options Defense Course
Date: July 9th, 2016
Time: 8am PST
Duration: 3hrs
Mastering Fibonacci Levels
Date: June 3rd, 2016
Time: 5pm MST
Duration: 1hrs
Stay tuned for Registration
Rainmaker Trade Alerts
Working a 9-5 job? In a meeting? Away from the desk?
Never Miss a Trade, with Real-Time Text Alerts!
(Ideal for those buried by...LIFE!)
Lets get real! Most of us are simply too buried by life to be glued to a computer screen all day. We have jobs. We have kids. We have significant others. We have a life. That is why Rainmaker Options provides real-time trade alerts tailored to your investment goals.
Spam folder eating your trade alerts! 
NEW FEATURE!!... Desktop alerts ensure you NEVER miss a trade!
(yes...even if you are watching  cat videos!)
Let's face it! E-mail is too slow a medium for real-time trade alerts. Plus, there are times when you need to keep your phone on silent. That's when you are going to be REALLY happy you have "Rainmaker Desktop Alerts". A brand new Innovation that enables us to push content to subscribers, even when they aren't logged into e-mail, nor into the Rainmaker site. 
Another tool by Rainmaker Options to help you achieve your investment goals.
Become a Rainmaker Member and gain access to the expertise, the experience, the earnings alerts, the community, the real-time alerts, and so much more.
Learn the How, When and Why of intelligent investing either via our courses and/or our LIVE Trade Room. Follow us as we trade our own money.
Gain control of YOUR financial future by discovering how to confidently, effectively and safely manage your own money. 
Enjoy the peace of mind that come from knowing you are able to profit despite ANY market condition. -- NO LONGER a victim to market conditions or Wall Street's lies.
LIVE  Active Day Trader
Corporate Earnings Alerts
Swing Trade Alerts for 9-5’ers
Your financial future begins when you commit to managing it YOURSELF!
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